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June 2022 | Products

Connected Car: autonomous, smart and green

More than 16 million cars will this year be “Smartphones on wheels” in Europe, quoting an ABC article published a couple of months ago. The Internet-connected automobiles are the way automotion is heading to in order to optimize trips and reduce consumption.

In this way, the connected car is one of this year’s great challenges for automotive component suppliers. However, it is not the only struggle. To make the connected vehicle a wide reality, more players must come into the game such as tech or telecommunication corporations, start-ups, among others

The road industry is walking on will lead us to place based on the connected vehicle also sustainable and automated. four macrotrends well affect the automotive industry:

  1. The multiplication of mobility options will bring new business models and services
  2. The development of autonomous vehicles hand-in-hand with tech advances meeting with regulation.
  3. A wide-sense digitalization by using big data analytics, connectivity and artificial intelligence
  4. The electric vehicle is leading to a sector in the middle of full-swing transition process, looking for more fuel efficiency, increasing of the alternative-powered car park.

Connected automobile together with artificial intelligence


The digitalization process towards the connected automobile transcends just driving autonomy development, going further towards a new paradigm in which connectivity becomes the core of all.

For instance, connected car will optimize consumption in each trip which translates in time and fuel savings.

The connected car is basically Internet-access equipped car. Generally, these vehicles have an access to a LAN network via wireless or satellite which allows the connected vehicle to do Internet sharing outside and inside the vehicle. In this way, the connected vehicle has the capacity to report on speeding or do heating remote control to set up temperature right before getting in the connected car.

Regarding the connected automobile’s future, it aims to foresee mechanical failures and then reduce accidents and increase driving safety based on artificial intelligence and automatic learning.

In this way, these connected vehicles are going to a place where they can perform predictive maintenance by periodical component analysis with the goal to avoid failures which can lead to accidents or have unused vehicles.

In the same way, the vehicle digitalization will allow setting up customized plans oriented to driver’s safety by driving style analysis: is it the safety belt being worn, is it the braking harsh?

Furthermore, in the smart cities’ framework, with the well-known together with Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), the connected vehicle information interchange will be possible among traffic lights, traffic signs and a vehicle among some other cases.

Due to these perspectives, the work done by tech and telecommunications corporations in relation to the connected vehicle is every time gaining more relevance.

In this sense, at Autoparts from Spain, we consider that tech companies focused on connected vehicle will play a role every time more relevant as part of the automotive supplier industry’s collective and the automotive sector as a whole.

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