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November 2019 | Exhibitions

International expansion, a key to business success

"Between May and August 2019, Spanish automotive equipment and component exports amounted to €6.548 billion, representing a 6.2% decrease compared to the same period last year."

According to Begoña Llamazares, Market Manager at SERNAUTO and coordinator of Autoparts from Spain, despite being a positive figure, this indicates a certain deceleration. Llamazares notes that "the sector is beginning to feel the effects of the economic contraction in key European markets, the consequences of Brexit, and the protectionist measures arising from the trade war between the United States and China."

These circumstances don't only affect the automotive sector but also the industry as a whole. When external markets suffer, it impacts exports. However, Llamazares believes that this is a challenge that can be faced because "the Made in Spain brand has significant added value."

Additionally, initiatives like Autoparts from Spain contribute to showcasing the high-quality standards of the Spanish automotive components and equipment sector internationally, providing a valuable avenue for internationalization.

Urtza García, Commercial Director of AL-KO, a manufacturer of shock absorbers since 1940, specializing in manufacturing shock absorbers for both the aftermarket and original equipment, as well as custom and railway applications, mentions that AL-KO has been exporting almost since its inception but mainly to nearby production centers like France or Italy. However, now they export to more than 70 countries on five continents, being leaders in the European market for manufacturing original equipment shock absorbers for heavy vehicles, holding 50% of the market share. Garcia states that the reason AL-KO joined Autoparts from Spain is to boost the sector internationally, "by seeking support, establishing synergies between companies, participating in international and intercontinental fairs under the banner of the Made in Spain brand." Garcia recommends that companies in the sector, who may be hesitant about internationalization, should do so with Autoparts from Spain, stating that "it's worth it" because it provides a way to diversify risks, not depending on a single market.

All representatives of the companies in the radio discussion also consider that being part of Autoparts from Spain provides a significant boost to their companies' internationalization policies, supported by the Made in Spain brand, which is a crucial support for the industry, adding value to the companies. The brand serves as a powerful commercial tool, and the results of the Made in Spain brand are already evident. Currently, "in international markets, the Made in Spain brand already has significant recognition," emphasized Fumanal.

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