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May 2021 | Companies

Manufacturers of rubber and plastic automotive parts in Spain

Autoparts from Spain brings together the best offerings from Spanish manufacturers of rubber and plastic automotive parts. Companies like Autofren Seinsa, Metalcaucho, Fare, Frenkit, Doga, Cautex, and others have research and development teams dedicated to the automotive industry, tirelessly working to find products that meet the ever-increasing demands of manufacturers. Their primary goal is to apply relevant quality and innovation standards in the development and production processes to achieve the highest level of quality in all their products.

Furthermore, the Spanish companies participating in this initiative, driven by Sernauto, have made substantial investments in research, development, and innovation. In fact, the Spanish automotive equipment and component industry is one of the sectors that invests most heavily in R&D both at the national and European levels.

You can access the list of Spanish automotive brands that offer a wide range of rubber and plastic parts for vehicles here:

  • AUTOFREN SEINSA is a leading company in the manufacturing of products for brake systems, transmission, steering, and suspension for major original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1/2 suppliers, and the automotive aftermarket worldwide. In their catalog, you will find a wide variety of rubber-metal parts, molded rubber parts, rubber seals, and rubber components. 

  • FRENKIT offers a wide range, with over 8000 references in their catalog of repair kits for brake calipers, drum brakes, and hydraulic clutch actuation elements for passenger cars and light vehicles. 

  • METALCAUCHO is a leading company in rubber and metal solutions for automobiles. Their motto, "if it exists, it's at Metalcaucho," gives an idea of the extensive range and stock of products available in their catalog. They offer rubber-metal parts, molded rubber parts, solid silicones, high-pressure rubber tubes, textile-reinforced rubber tubes, silicone-coated rubber tubes, hoses, spiral tubes, expansion tanks, sleeves, thermostats, and caps. 

  • TALOSA has a catalog that includes more than 12,500 references for over 3,500 models of passenger cars, 4x4s, and vans, with a particular focus on references for Asian vehicles. Additionally, they develop new references each year that are added to their catalog, which has helped them establish themselves as the leading manufacturer in the market for steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components for automobiles.

  • GJM, while primarily dedicated to the manufacturing of electrical wiring and injection of technical parts, is also one of the major manufacturers of rubber and plastic parts for the automotive industry. In their catalog, you will find a wide variety of rubber parts, parts injected or extruded in POM, PBT, or PET, and molded and injected plastic parts.

  • DOGA, with subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, and India, exports its products to more than 70 countries. Their 60 years of experience in the development and production of automotive components (windshield wiper systems, power windows, stamping, etc.) make them leaders in the automotive sector. They also offer a range of injected or extruded parts in POM, PBT, or PET, plastic tubes and containers, molded and injected plastic parts, and rubber parts and rubber profiles.

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