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May 2021 | Companies

Manufacturers of rubber and plastic parts for automotion in Spain

Autoparts from Spain  gathers the best offer of Spanish manufacturers of plastic and rubber parts for automotion. Autofren, Seinsa, Metalcaucho, Fare, Frenkit, Doga, Cautex, among others, are companies which feature I+D departments with teams of restless professionals looking for products able to meet the ever-growing and exigent needs of manufacturers. Their main objective is applying the quality and innovation standards defined for the development and production processes to reach the highest level in all their products.

These Spanish companies belonging to this initiative supported by Sernauto have strongly pushed research, development and innovation. In fact, the Spanish industry of equipment and components for automotion is one of the sectors with a higher I+D investment national and European wide.

You can access here to the listing of Spanish automotive brands with a high offer of plastic and rubber pieces for automation.

  • AUTOFREN SEINSA is a leading company in manufacturing products for suspension, steering, transmission and brake systems for the main manufacturers of original equipment, Tier ½ and after-sale for automotive spare parts worldwide. In the catalog you will find a wide variety of rubber metal parts, rubber molded parts, rubber seals, and rubber parts.You can check up here their full catalog. 
  • FARE, whose main activity is selling and distributing rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive spare parts has an available online catalog and online PDF catalog for download. You can find them here
  • FRENKIT’s catalog offers a wide range of +8000 references of repair kits for brake calipers, drum and clutch hydraulic actuation elements for cars and light vehicles. You can check their catalog in this link.
  • CAUTEX  is a well-known company all over Europe because of their quality in the plastic molding, rubber metal and rubber segment. In their catalog you will find a wide variety of rubber profiles and tubes, rubber molded parts, metallic parts, rubber and rubber metal dampers, rubber seals and rubber parts. You will also find hot and liquid silicone, hoses and spiral tubes, pipe fittings and ceiling gaskets for windows.
  • METALCAUCHO is a leading company in rubber and metal car solutions. Their motto “if it exists Metalcaucho has it” gives us an idea on their wide range and product stock available in their catalog from metal rubber parts and rubber molded pieces to solid silicon, high-pressure rubber tubes, textile reinforcement and silicon covers besides expansion bottles, sleeves, thermostats and covers. You can find here all information on this company with a 30-year experience. 
  • TALOSA has an available catalog of over +12,500 references for more than 3,500 models of cars, 4x4, and vans with a notorious and special growing in Asian vehicle references. Also, every year new references are developed and included in the catalog which allows them to become the first leading manufacturer in the market for the making and distribution of steering, suspension and rubber metal car components. 
  • GJM, even though it is a company devoted to electric wiring and technical injection parts manufacturing, it is also one of the main manufacturers of rubber and plastic parts for cars. The catalog displays a wide variety of pieces: rubber, injected and POM, PBT or PET extruded besides molded and plastic injected pieces. 
  • Regarding DOGA, with their branches in Italy, Poland, United States, Mexico, Brazil, China and India, exports their products to more than 70 countries. Their 60-year experience in developing and producing automotive components (Windshield cleaner equipment and systems, electric windows, stamping) make them leaders in the automotive sector. It is highlighted their offer of rubber and plastic metal, plastic injected or POM, PBT or PET extruded parts, rubber tubes and deposits and rubber profiles. 
  • We cannot close this listing of automotive manufacturers of plastic and rubber parts without mentioning, ALP GIEG an expert brand in windshields, technical profiles in plastic and rubber for car windows.  This company manufactures 90% of their products and offers a catalog with comprehensive list covering 95% of the EU car market. They offer high-quality products at competitive prices. You can see the catalog of rubber profiles and rubber profiled parts and fittings for windows here.

If you want to learn more about companies belonging to the initiative do not hesitate to visit our website.


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