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October 2022 | Companies

Spanish component suppliers: learn about the automotive transmission manufacturers members of Autoparts from Spain

Transmission is an essential component for vehicles, therefore several automotive component manufacturers belonging to Autoparts from Spain are in charge of its production both nationwide and mostly overseas for a handful of companies at the automotive sector as well as for the spare parts aftermarket.

As abovementioned, the transmission system is essential for in the vehicle’s function. In Transmission, in automation, is the one handling the drive.

Transmission is built on a series of components meant to carry power from the crankshaft to allow such energy transference.

There are different car transmission types: among several, we can number:

  • Front transmission and drive.
  • Front transmission and propulsion
  • Double propulsion or continuous transmission

Transmission in Automotion: elements

Items belonging to the vehicle’s transmission are:

  • Clutch
  • Gearbox
  • Transmission Shaft
  • Conical Differential Drive
  • Transmission Semi-shaft

Transmission: The Clutch

A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages power transmission to create a smooth and synchronized movement. It is located in between the flywheel on the gearbox. They are several kinds of clutches. Disc, friction, hydraulic, electromagnetic and spring.


The purpose of a gearbox is to increase or reduce speed and taking the best profit of it. There are two types: Manuel and automatic

Conical Differential Drive

When generated by the clutch on the gearbox gets to the transmission shaft. There, it connects with the semi shafts whose job is to keep the generated speed steady on the wheels. It allows exterior wheels turn faster than interior to avoid car skidding.

 Transmission semi-shaft

Transmission semi-shafts transfer directly movement to the wheels

Automotive Transmission Manufacturers belonging to Autoparts from Spain

Autoparts from Spain gathers +30 automotive company and suppliers from Spain. Its goal is to promote the international expansion of this sector which features high productivity and an excellent quality in the manufacturing processes besides their high-skilled workforce and notable innovation investment as well as their high commitment with sustainability and environment.

We are now introducing the main automotive transmission manufacturers belonging for the platform:

IRB Bearings

Founded more than 60 years ago as a supplier for Ford, Santana, Chrysler, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Iveco o Seat among others. Nowadays, it offers a wide catalog of bearing and tensors as well as kits for the automotive parts market. With top-level engineering, they develop an innovative and efficient design with a high added value. The IRB’s integration in the most relevant multinational bearing manufacturers (SNR, Torrington, Timken y Koyo) along its history has provided excellence of manufacturing in its processes.


Leading manufacturers of systems for brakes, transmission, steering and suspension for the main original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1/2 and after-sale all over the world during the last five decades. Owning three plants located in Spain and one in India IATF 16949:2016 certified. The catalog which more than 16,000 references for more than 650,000 applications covering 85 brands of European Asian and American vehicles in 85 countries.


With more than 60 years of experience in the sector, Cautex’ brand is recognized all over Europe because of its quality on the rubber, rubber metal and plastic molding segment. The company has always committed to product quality, permanently providing the market with a wide offer of original or quality-equivalent products. Its modern warehouse is quite automated together with a strong logistic management program which allows a fast and efficient setting of orders and deliveries anywhere in the world.

FARE Automotive

Selling and distributing rubber and rubber metal products for automotive parts is its main activity. With a +30-year experience in the sector, the company knows well the market specifics, this provides an advantage and assures the future. With a 4,500-m2 warehouse for more than 12,000 references available today. FARE has implemented a smart warehouse to improve service speed and increase productivity by achieving more control and performance.


More than 30 years ago this company began its dedication to the spare parts and rubber-metal sector for almost all global brands. The brand controls the whole development from the sample part to the serial production. This assures a steady quality in the production processes which have made us leaders in the sector.

FERSA Bearings

Spanish multinational devoted to design, develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality bearing solutions for the automotive market. 50-year experience in the sector, and from 2016, the company belongs to Fersa Group together with the Austrian manufacturer of industrial bearings NKE. The company commits to investment and innovation, technology and human value as its driver of growth.


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