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February 2022 | Companies

Sustainable Mobility: What Is the Role of Automotive Component Manufacturers?


Sustainable mobility is a central topic for both public and private stakeholders. It is a goal that the European Union has set a deadline for: 2035, the year by which the production and sale of cars with internal combustion engines are targeted to end.

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January 2022 | Products

Connected Mobility: The Relevance of Automotive Suppliers

Connected mobility will be one of the major challenges for automotive component suppliers this year. However, it's not just for them, as new players come into play within the automotive industry in the face of connected mobility, including technology companies, telecommunications, startups, and more.

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January 2022 | Companies

Spanish Automotive Components Sector 2022: Recovery and strategy

We conclude a year, 2021, that all players in the automotive industry began with the hope of a significant recovery in the automotive industry after a 2020 in which the health emergency had a significant impact on both the global economy and the automotive industry, among many others.

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January 2022 | Companies

Automotive components sector Spain: origins and history

The Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry has been a world leader for decades given its high quality standards, its investment in technology and innovation, as well as for its extensive experience.

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