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February 2022 | Companies

Sustainable Mobility: What Is the Role of Automotive Component Manufacturers?

Sustainable mobility emerges as an unavoidable challenge for the automotive sector, which is already charting a roadmap towards sustainability. Discover the key challenges and solutions that will shape the future of clean mobility.

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January 2022 | Products

Connected Mobility: The Relevance of Automotive Suppliers

The future of mobility is already here: more than 16 million vehicles in Europe will connect to the internet to optimize their routes and reduce fuel consumption, according to ABC. This advancement challenges suppliers and attracts new players such as tech companies and startups. The MADE model sets the course.

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January 2022 | Companies

Spanish Automotive Components Sector 2022: Recovery and strategy

The Spanish automotive industry faces challenges due to a shortage of semiconductors and increases in raw material prices. José Portilla, from Sernauto, foresees this situation until 2023, emphasizing the importance of European funds. Spanish suppliers will continue to invest in technology and innovation in 2022.

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January 2022 | Companies

Automotive components sector Spain: origins and history

Discover the fascinating path of success of the automotive components sector in Spain from its beginnings in the 20th century to becoming a world leader. Join us on this journey through the history of innovation, quality, and growth that has led our companies to become strategic suppliers on a global level.

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