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April 2020 | Platform

“The automotive industry sings jointly a code of to support the start of production” CLEPA y ACEA

(CLEPA) (the European Automotive Suppliers’ Association) and (ACEA) (the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) have jointly adopted a ‘Code of Business Conduct in view of COVID-19’ to support a rapid and smooth restart of the automotive industry.

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March 2020 | Companies

AFS companies join the fight against COVID 19

Plenty of companies in the automotive industry have been changing their production chain in last weeks adapting their resources and expertise to undertake the manufacturing of medical protection equipment, respirators, protective clothing and other required resources to allow health professionals to keep on going with the COVID-19 fight.

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March 2020 | Companies

FARE and FRENKIT join our platform

The companies FARE  and FRENKIT have joined our platform with the conviction that belonging to Autoparts from Spain will push up the international promotion of their productio

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February 2020 | Platform

Professional Profiles In The Automotive Sector: Every Time More Qualified And Technologically Competent

Some years ago, in the automotive manufacturing sector, human resources centered its attention in keeping in necessary qualified profiles for production.

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