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January 2022 | Companies

Automotive components sector Spain: origins and history

Discover the fascinating path of success of the automotive components sector in Spain from its beginnings in the 20th century to becoming a world leader. Join us on this journey through the history of innovation, quality, and growth that has led our companies to become strategic suppliers on a global level.

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December 2021 | Companies

Metalurgicas Cembranos and Gonvarri Industries join Autoparts from Spain

Metalúrgicas Cembranos and Gonvarri Industries, two pillars of the Spanish automotive industry, join Autoparts from Spain to boost their international presence. Discover how these companies, with decades of experience and dedication to quality, innovation, and technology, conquer new markets hand in hand with this leading initiative in the sector.

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December 2021 | Products

Automotive accessory manufacturers: what they are like and where to find them

Discover how automotive accessory manufacturers, like Enganches Aragón, are revolutionizing mobility with hitches, tow balls, and more, to take your adventures to the next level with quality and safety.

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November 2021 | Platform

Automotive component manufacturers Spain: Investment in R+D+I, key to its success

Discover the excellence of Spain's automotive component manufacturers: leaders in global quality and innovation. With Autoparts from Spain, get to know the 'made in Spain' success story reaching over 170 countries.

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