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June 2022 | Companies

Exports of Spanish automotive suppliers represent more than 60 of sector billing in 2021

The 2021 sector’s data of the Spanish automotive suppliers displays how the industry’s uncertainty and complex situation is still hurting companies, however, their strong exporting character is promoting a stronger recovery of Spanish companies.

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June 2022 | Products

Connected Car: autonomous, smart and green

The digitalization process towards the connected automobile transcends just driving autonomy development, going further towards a new paradigm in which connectivity becomes the core of all.

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May 2022 | Products

Automotive innovation: 3 trending innovations for the sector

Innovation has always been an important item for the automotive sector from diverse points of view: safety, features, design and so on. It is a fact that automotive innovation challenges have evolved through time and years. Today, the industry automotive suppliers has pointed out the challenges to which the sector is facing.

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April 2022 | Platform

Automotive digitization: Digitization in the Automotive Sector: The Keys to Digital Transformation

The Spanish industry of automotive components is continuously looking for adapting to standars demanded by technology and automotive digitalization. In fact, up to 16 million vehicles on European roads -according to Berg Insigh- will have built-in Internet connection, therefore we can call them “smart phones on wheels”.

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