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December 2019 | Companies

SOLUTRANS 2019, international trade fair for road and urban transport solutions

More than 1,000 companies presented their innovations and solutions for urban and road transport to the 50,000 visitors who attended the event. These positive figures, along with 30 years of experience, have solidified SOLUTRANS as a leading trade fair in France and at the European level.

Mario Fiems, director of Solutrans, stated that the fair's objective was to offer a 360º view of the transport market, covering everything from vehicle conception to maintenance, including logistical themes. To achieve this, they sought a broad and diverse offering, including 11 Spanish companies, four more than in 2017.


Key Highlights of SOLUTRANS 2019


This year, the fair celebrated its 15th edition with the chosen theme being the mobility of the future. Companies committed to developing solutions to make transport a more intelligent, efficient, safe, sustainable, and profitable industry had the perfect showcase to display their products.

The electrification of vehicles, as expected, was one of the central themes over the five days. All exhibitors showcased their offerings of electric, hybrid, and hydrogen vehicles. Renault Trucks, for instance, presented a model D Wide Z.E 6×2 weighing 26 tonnes without a body, an ideal solution to preserve air quality and reduce city congestion. Additionally, the French manufacturer's stand provided a firsthand look at the new Master ZE, a cabin with a platform equipped with a real autonomy of 120 km and a payload of 500 kg, offering a perfect solution for last-mile distribution without circulation restrictions.

Gas, similar to the previous edition, also had a significant presence, allowing professionals to explore all the available alternatives.

Another central theme was autonomous vehicles. Connected vehicles and data management were also extensively discussed in many conferences and roundtable discussions during the fair. In this context, DAF introduced its new model CF Electri, a fully electric 4x2 tractor developed for distribution applications in urban areas, with a range of up to 100 kilometers. Its batteries have a fast-charging function of 30 minutes and a full charge in an hour and a half.


Presence of Spanish automotive suppliers in the industrial vehicle sector


Some companies that are part of our platform play a significant role in manufacturing products for the industrial vehicle sector. 

AL-KO, a pioneer in shock absorber manufacturing, offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension components, providing innovative technical solutions for a wide range of means of transport, from cars to commercial vehicles, including trains, trams, armored vehicles, military vehicles, etc. Additionally, AL-KO is the European market leader in the manufacture of shock absorbers for commercial vehicles with air suspension, holding more than 50% of the European fleet.

Fersa, on the other hand, is a Spanish multinational dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality bearing solutions for the automotive market. With a strong investment in innovation, technology, and human resources as the driving force for growth, Fersa is an international benchmark for quality and rigor.

Finally, Metalcaucho, the leading European supplier of aftermarket rubber and metal parts for the automotive sector, was recently awarded the "Quality and Service to the Rubber and Metal Brand" award at the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Awards. This award is chosen by a vote among industrial vehicle repair workshops nationwide.

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