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November 2020 | Companies

Automotive component exports in Spain display a slight increase compared to the first quarter 2020

Despite of the worldwide uncertainty we are into, the Spanish automotive suppliers experienced an increase in sales compared to the first quarter 2020. According to Spanish Association of Automotive (SERNAUTO) supporter of our initiative Autoparts from Spain, exports of Spanish automotive components and equipment display figures of €5,024 million between May and August 2020. These data reflect a 23.2% decrease compared to the same period In 2019. However, a slight recovery can be seen compared to the first quarter of the year which shown at 26.2% decrease.

This decrease makes sense in this context of economic activity contraction which rebounds globally both in the vehicle production and the market demand for parts. It especially affects prioritizing markets for the automotive sector.

How do Spanish automotive component sales behave in the European Union?

Comparing the first quarter this year, sales have increased regarding half of our commercial partners: Portugal (+6.4%), Italy (+4.8%), Poland (+1.1%), Czech Republic (+6,4%), Slovakia (+3,9%), Slovenia (+18,6%) or Baltic Countries.

In fact, sales have increased in countries such as Greece (+13,9%), Bulgaria (+4,8%), Malta (+26,4%) and Estonia (+15,2%). However, there is as well. a serious decrease among the major commercial partners in this region’s block:

  • Germany sells, our main market, have gone back until a interannual 20.4% with a total billing of €880 million. This is a five-point decrease, higher than the one registered in the same quarter in 2019.
  • France, our second commercial partner, has experienced at 19% reduction, with total sales of €815 million
  • Portugal displays a 17,7% decrease, reaching a €476 million billing. 
  • Italy with a 17% decrease, has registered total sales of €270 million. 


Graphic: Top 10 UE destination countries for the sector’s exports

*From February 1 on, UK does not belong to the EU.


How do Spanish automotive component sales behave outside the European Union?

During the second quarter of the year, experts outside the European Union have shown dramatic changes: 
On one hand, China highlights a positive contribution to the export variable by increasing 3.6% compared with the same period last year. South Korea with a 30% increase Australia with a 25% one, display the slow recovery in Oceania and South Asia's economies.

On the other hand, we have the decrease in exports to the UK, now considered the 3rd destination, with figures of €302 million display a strong decrease of 36.1%, the highest rate in the EU. 

Regarding the rest of the world, these are the main figures:

  • United States, one of the most contributing markets for experts during the first quarter 2020, shows the impact of the current crisis in that economy with an 28,1% interannual decrease with figures of €233 million.
  • Morocco experiments a similar rollback than the one in USA, 26.2%. It places the sector exports there in €211 million
  • The most acute decreases in sales outside the EU are registered in such markets as Mexico, Brazil and South Africa which went down 46,6%, 45,5% and 45,3% respectively 
  • Turkey’s exports reduced 23%.
  • Russian market exports reduced their falling in 8 percentual points compared to 2019. It places them in €41 million.


Graphic: Top 10 UE destination countries for the sector’ exports (considering EU as a whole)


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