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August 2021 | Products

Manufacturers of workshop equipment and car tools: best choice

Among the automotive company manufactures in Spain belonging to Autoparts from Spain, we can feature the manufacturers of workshop equipment and car tools.

The wide range of workshop equipment and car tools which go from testing and verification equipment, brake diagnosis equipment - also known as opacimeters- to tools such as hydraulic extractors or manual riveting machines. We can also find car die devices, an essential item for car manufacturing.

One of these manufacturers of workshop equipment and car tools belonging to Autoparts from Spain is the Spanish automotive component manufacturer Gestamp. This multinational Spanish manufacturer is specialized in metal component’s design, development and manufacturing for the main car manufacturers. Their products include areas of car body, chassis and mechanisms

Also, this company has internal capacities for developing and manufacturing dies which gathers up the whole value chain: design, mechanizing, building, tuning, prototyping and follow-up.

What are dies? How are they applied in automotion?

Die-cut, process also known as stamping, is the procedure in which the sheet goes under a specific transformations, with no sawdust, aimed to get geometric-shaped pieces.

Working with the die requires a presses device -hydraulic or mechanic-, generally with a reciprocating rectilinear motion. They are the ones in charge of creating the necessary force to perform the cut, the staffing or the punching.

Materials or components which usually go through this type of mechanic process are the sheet metal which in our case refers to mechanical-material sheets. The majority of automotive car-body profiles are generated from them by using progressive die-cuts and presses.

Types of Dies

Dies are divided into three categories

  1. Simple die. This type are single-operation dies.  They only perform one task to obtain one simple piece
  2. Compound dies. This type of dies is known for having several pushers which are connected with each other, it means that one punch performs as the matrix to be followed by the rest. They are usually used to obtain holed pieces which must be centered with extreme precision.
  3. Progressive dies. This is the most sophisticated type. Several cut and sheet metal molding tasks can be done with it. It allows these devices to participate in several process phases. The punches are placed in line and they carry the operation sequence starting with the cut until the pre-finishing of the piece

Automotive components resulting from die-cut work.

Thanks to die production from manufacturers of workshop equipment and car tools, multiple staffing and stamping tasks can be carried out:

  • Metallic and general stamping
  • Car-body Sheet metal stamping
  • Cold stamping of sheet metal pieces
  • Stamping groups and assembling of groups
  • Medium and profound stuffing, stuffed pieces
  • Cold stamping of steel pieces
  • Tubular structures welded and bent, welded groups

Car body: today’s more common types

All before-mentioned allows car body manufacturers to make up these components which today are not only made to build the vehicle interior but also as an item to increase car features and also reduce pollution emissions thanks to a greater aerodynamism, light weight or car-interior efficiency.

The relevance of car bodies relating safety, comfortability, consumption, cost and image is the reason why today we count on with sophisticated design and manufacturing processes.

Independent chassis body

This type of car body is made of a rigid chassis unto which mechanical parts are incorporated together with the car body structure. In this way, the chassis will hold up the engine, the transmission and also the weight.

The Independent chassis body is one of the oldest ones. Vehicles using this type of frames today are: all terrain, buses, trucks, RVs and glass-fiber car-body vehicles

Self-supporting body

This is the dominant one for turismos today. This car body is formed by several parts joined by resistance welding points. It makes the substitution be easier

It is the sheet which holds up the vehicle structure in this car-body type. The pieces help each other to bring even more rigidity.

Why are you choosing automotive parts manufacturers belonging to Autoparts from Spain?

The Spanish industry of automotive components in general plays a very meaningful role in the automotive world globally

The Spanish automotive component manufacturers are present in more than 170 countries with exports that represent more than half of their billing figures..

Immersed in this context, the Spanish automotive component manufacturers have a decisive influence in the vehicle’s value chain with around 75% participation in the car total.

This international expansion of the Spanish industry of components and equipment is a reality thanks to the high productivity and quality of the Spanish automotive component suppliers, their highly-qualified human asset and it outstanding I+D investment together with their intense commitment with environmental sustainability.

From Autoparts from Spain, we support with an intense commitment the “made in Spain” component sector and gather many of those manufacturers in our platform. Those who best represent the Spanish branding (Marca España) of automotive component manufacturing.


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