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May 2021 | Companies

Manufacturers of rubber and plastic automotive parts in Spain

Explore the forefront of Spanish automotive innovation at Autoparts from Spain. Brands like Autofren Seinsa, Metalcaucho, Fare, and more lead the way in rubber and plastic parts innovation for vehicles. Explore the list of brands and experience the future of Spanish automotive technology.

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April 2021 | Companies

Spanish automotive component suppliers are committed to quality and innovation

Discover how the Spanish automotive components supplier industry is driving towards the future with innovation and quality as fundamental pillars. With a strong commitment to Industry 4.0 and a significant investment in R&D, these manufacturers are setting the pace in a constantly evolving sector. Immerse yourself in the world of Autoparts from Spain and discover the export potential of these industry leaders in the vehicle sector.

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April 2021 | Companies

History of the Spanish automotive component industry

Today, we dedicate the last entry of our blog to review the history of the Spanish automotive components industry.

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March 2021 | Products

Spanish automotive bearing manufacturers: what are bearings?

It goes without saying that a vehicle's ability to move is essential. And here, wheel bearings play a decisive role in the system. In this sense, the manufacturers of automotive bearings that are members of Autoparts from Spain provide us with everything there is to know about automotive wheel bearings. What better explanation than that of the leading Spanish automotive bearing manufacturers?

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