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September 2022 | Exhibitions

Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 Trade Fair

Less than two weeks remain for Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 to kick off. The event will take place from September 13 to 17 at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Autoparts from Spain will be present at Automechanika, a leading trade fair in the automotive component sector.

Not only will the platform be there, but also many of the Spanish automotive component manufacturers affiliated with Autoparts from Spain will have their own spaces at this year's Automechanika fair:

  • Airtex: One of the world's leading independent manufacturers of pumps.
  • AL-KO: Manufacturer of shock absorbers for cars, commercial vehicles, trains, trams, and special applications like solar panels, armored vehicles, military, etc.
  • AMC: A leading company in the production of aluminum cylinder heads for gasoline, diesel, and gas engines.
  • Autofren Seinsa: A leader in the manufacture of products for brake, transmission, steering, and suspension systems.
  • DOGA: A company that develops and produces automotive components such as windshield wiper systems, windshield washer systems, a wide range of expansion tanks, brake fluid, hydraulic and gasoline tanks, power windows, DC motors, stamping components, and welded assemblies.
  • DYS IR: Manufacturer and distributor of steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components for automobiles.
  • Enganches Aragón: A company that manufactures and sells hitches for all types of automobiles, off-road vehicles, and commercial vehicles.
  • FMG: FMG-Eurofren Systems manufactures brake components for the automotive industry with a continuous focus on research and technology.
  • FAE: A company that designs and manufactures electrical and electronic products for automobiles, with a strong presence in the field of multilayer ceramic applications, ceramic substrate development, and microelectronic systems implementation.
  • FARE Automotive: A company primarily engaged in the sale and distribution of rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive replacement parts.
  • FERSA Bearings: A Spanish multinational dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality bearing solutions for the automotive market.
  • FRENKIT: A company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of kits for repairing brake calipers, offering a wide range of repair kits for brake calipers, drums, and hydraulic clutch actuation components for cars and light vehicles.
  • ICER Brakes: An independent manufacturer of friction materials, committed to offering the highest quality, service, and innovation.
  • Lizarte: A manufacturer of replacement parts, offering a wide catalog of power steering systems, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, hydropneumatic suspension spheres, diesel injection systems, EGR valves, and ignition coils.
  • Proquisur: A Spanish company that initially manufactured engine maintenance products such as coolants and antifreeze. Nowadays, they also produce a wide range of products to meet various engine needs, from lubricants to combustion additives and technical aerosol products.
  • RTS: The most competitive manufacturer of steering and suspension products in the independent aftermarket (IAM), with product quality equivalent to the original in all aspects.
  • Sadeca Automotive: Specializes in the development, design, and production of wear sensors and hardware for brake systems, as well as various industrial applications for automotive wiring in cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks for the OEM/OES and AM markets.
  • Talosa: A leading market manufacturer and distributor of steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components for automobiles, with a catalog exceeding 12,500 references.

If you wish to have a personal meeting with these companies, you can schedule an appointment with the Autoparts from Spain companies at Automechanika 2022 by accessing their website and arranging a meeting through the designated form.


What else can you find at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022?


This edition of Automechanika Frankfurt will host, for the first time in its history, the FIA Smart Driving Challenge. This event is designed to help exhibitors and visitors at Automechanika become aware of the impact of their driving habits by measuring parameters such as road safety and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The goal is to promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly driving with enhanced safety.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge allows drivers to reduce their environmental impact and accident risks during driving through an app connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the driver's behavior in real time.

Additionally, this year's Automechanika fair presents a new concept of Innovation Awards, which will recognize pioneering products and solutions. An expert panel will evaluate solutions based on criteria such as innovation, solution excellence, functionality, user-friendliness, user benefits, profitability, relevance to the aftermarket market, safety, durability, quality, and environmental criteria.

The categories for participation include electronic mobility, data and connectivity, workshop and service solutions, technical parts and solutions, body and paint, car wash and car care, accessories and customization, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

With all of this, Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 promises to be an exciting event. Autoparts from Spain encourages you to attend, visit them, and check out the affiliated companies at the Automechanika fair. See you there!

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