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December 2023 | Companies

What are the vehicle wear items?

During the vehicle’s lifespan, there are certain parts which are essential but they experience natural wear. These parts, known as wear items, play a crucial role in the car’s performance and safety. 

Wear parts work with friction and they are supposed to get worn over time under ordinary use. Brake pads and discs, air and fuel filters, motor oil, timing belts, exhaust or wiper blades are some of the main wear items in a car. 

At Autoparts from Spain, you will find Spanish automotive suppliers for each of these parts. These brands offer a wide range of high-tech products with high quality and safety standards with competitive prices. That is why, these brands have become strategic suppliers of clients all over the world and export a great part of their production to more than 170 countries. 


Six wear items in a car: 


  • Brake pads and discs. This part is worn because of the constant friction during braking. They require to be reviewed and replaced over time depending on the case. In our platform you will find more than 10 specialized brands for chassis, steering, suspension and braking. These are some of them: 
    • Autofren Seinsa is a leading brand in manufacturing brake systems transmission, steering and suspension for OEM, Tier 1&2 and after-sale around the world. 
    • FRENKIT is a brake repair expert. Its catalog offers a wide range of brake caliper repair kits and hydraulic drive elements for cars and light vehicles. They have over 9,000 references which offer solutions for more than 5,000 applications covering most of the European and overseas car park. 
    • Gestamp is a multinational specialized in designing, development and manufacturing of high-engineering metal components for the main vehicle manufacturers. Brake equipment is featured in its wide range of products.    
    • Icer Brakes has consolidated itself as the main independent European friction material manufacturer and it is positioned as the most reliable alternative to companies traditionally controlling the market. Its portfolio of products features brake pads for cars and vans, brake pads for industrial vehicles, brake discs, pre-assembled rear brakes, parking brake kits, brake linings and some others friction products.  
    • Sadeca is a leading company in developing, designing and producing wearing sensors and hardware for brake systems besides several industrial applications of electric wiring for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks in the OEM/OES and AM market.  
  • Shock absorbers. This part is worn over time and affects the car’s capacity to absorb hits on the road.  
    • AL-KO pioneered shock absorber manufacturing, the company offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension items. 
    • AMC is a leading company in manufacturing aluminum cylinder heads for fuel, diesel and gas combustion engines and manufactures torsional-vibration shock absorbers and supports. 
    • Alfa-eParts manufactures components and other shock absorbing items and is a leader in electric and electronic components.
    • RTS is the most competitive manufacturer of steering and suspension products in the independent aftermarket.  
    • TALOSA has established itself as the first manufacturer, market leader in the manufacture and distribution of Steering, Suspension and Rubber-Metal components for the automotive industry. 
    • Metalcaucho is a leading company in Europe in the supply of aftermarket rubber and metal spare parts for the automotive sector.
  • Motor oil. Oil degrades over time and use so it requires to be changed regularly. 
    • Olipes is a company specialized in design and manufacture of oil and lubricating greases, antifreeze refrigerants, brake liquid and other fluids for maintenance of cars and industrial machinery. 
    • Proquisur is a Spanish company which manufactures products for motor maintenance such as refrigerants and antifreeze products. 
  • Timing belts. This component gets worn and can be broken over time which can cause serious damages to the engine. 
    • AIRTEX is a manufacturer of distribution chains, timing pulleys and timing belts and is a world leader in the manufacturing of fuel and water pumps. 
  • Exhaust. This item experiences wearing in manual transmission vehicles and may require replacement after certain kilometer count. 
    • Fersa Bearings is manufacturer of complete high-quality bearing solutions for automotion. The company manufactures steering, exhaust and roller bearings among many other items. 
    • IRB supplies for Ford, Santana, Chrysler, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Iveco, John Deer, Seat, Deutz, etc. It is currently a global supplier of a wide range of wheel bearings and tensors as well as kits for the automotive parts market. 
  • Wiper blades. The blades get wearing and must be replaced to assure a clear vision during the rain. 
    • DOGA has developed and produced automotive components for more than 60 years. Aiming to offer a wide range of products, the company designs and produces windshield wiper systems, windshield wiping equipment, automotive tanks, plastic components, DC motors and electric windows.  

This is just a short summary of some of the main wear items in a car. At Autoparts from Spain, we remind you the importance of following the manufacturer’s recommendations and perform regular vehicle maintenance to assure an optimum performance and safety of the car. In our platform, you will find all brands belonging to the initiative which can help you to find the component you are looking for.

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