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August 2020 | Platform

Spanish automotive suppliers at the forefront of the digital and sustainable transformation of the sector.

Digitalization has always been part of the DNA of Spanish automotive suppliers. Each year, the sector invests over 4% of its revenue in R&D, amounting to 1.458 billion euros last year, positioning the country as a global reference.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation process led by these suppliers, highlighting how digitalization in factories and production lines brings significant benefits in terms of sustainability. Currently, Spanish automotive suppliers lead the digital and sustainable transformation processes, moving towards a sustainable Industry 4.0.

Companies within the Autoparts from Spain platform work daily on this dual transition. Their practices and use cases showcase how the application of digitalization contributes to achieving goals related to energy efficiency, waste reduction, and "zero accidents," positioning them as digital and sustainable leaders.

For example, Gestamp has developed a project to improve energy efficiency, leveraging new technologies to reduce emissions.

Fersa Group is part of two new European projects for smart industry, undergoing an extensive digitization process with the incorporation of IoT technologies and high levels of automation.

Lizarte, a leader in car parts remanufacturing in Spain, invests in technology to increase resource efficiency and sustainable development.

Another example is Grupo Antolín, which is integrating people and Industry 4.0, connecting individuals with technology.

Icer Brakes recently reinforced its environmental commitment and investment in renewable resources by installing a self-consumption photovoltaic plant, preventing the emission of 600 tons of CO2 each year.


Guide for the digital and sustainable transformation of Spanish automotive suppliers:


  • Invest in training and developing employees, especially those at risk, to ensure employability.
  • Set clear and measurable objectives, have real-time information.
  • Implement mechanisms for active listening with employees, customers, society, regulators, as well as other stakeholders.
  • Foster collaboration with other players to achieve sustainable technological solutions.
  • Establish alliances with third parties.
  • Assess the return on investment, considering its economic, social, and environmental impact.
  • Promote initiatives that are scalable and replicable in other production processes, company products, or other companies in the value chain under the principle of corporate solidarity.
  • Share and exchange best practices.
  • Encourage sectoral and intersectorial collaboration.
  • Anticipate the integration of the technological competencies necessary for effective technology development.
  • Digitize existing factory routines to become more efficient.
  • Use digitalization as a tool for continuous process improvement.
  • Embrace change.
  • Approach Industry 4.0 with a business vision without conflicting with the general interest and raise awareness of its benefits to other related stakeholders.

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