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July 2022 | Exhibitions

Automechanika 2022: The countdown begins

Automechanika will be on in about two months and Autoparts from Spain has saved the date. We are looking forward to this great meeting which gathers the main automotive suppliers from all over the world. Specially this year- more than any other- as Automechanika Frankfurt is back to the presential mode after the online versions during the health crisis period.

In this way, from 13th to 17th of September in Frankfurt, Automechanika 2022 is an unavoidable date for the sector of automotive component manufacturers and suppliers more still after the two-year break due to the pandemic and the supply chain crisis.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2022’s highlights will be:

  • Mobility as a service
  • Autonomous driving
  • Driving systems
  • Alternative fuels

Besides, all exhibitors will show their latest products plus their innovation research advances.

Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds will be again the great environment gathering all those leading companies from more than 70 countries.

All exhibitors, workshops and meetings can be classified in the following categories:

  • Trends and innovations, covering from innovation for electrified and connected mobility to the one addressed to customization for repair and painting
  • Sustainable-oriented solutions hand-in-hand with remanufacturing or the smart driving
  • Industrial vehicles and classic cars and RVs

There will also be professional events and activities.


Autoparts from Spain’s companies you can visit at Automechanika 2022.


As expected in no other way, most of the companies belonging to the platform Autoparts from Spain will be present at Automechanika 2022.

  • Airtex, the biggest manufacturer of pumps in the world with facilities in three continents: USA, Mexico, Spain and China. Leading the European market by manufacturing and selling its products in more than 60 countries.
  • AL-KO, shock absorber manufacturer for cars, commercial vehicles, trains, train ways, also special installations such as solar panels, bulletproof and military vehicles. Leading the European market in manufacturing for commercial vehicles with shock absorbers of pneumatic suspension. We have an impact on more than 50% of the European car park.
  • AMC, leading company in the manufacturing of aluminum cylinder heads for combustion engines of fuel, diesel and gas. Distributed in the five continents with exports to more than 72 countries and offering a wide range of aftermarket cylinder heads as well as its components.
  • Autofren Seinsa leader in manufacturing products for brake, transmission, steering and suspension systems for most of the original equipment manufacturers, Tier ½, and after-sale automotive parts around the world.
  • DOGA, a company with subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and India. Exports to more than 70 countries, present in multiple markets such as cars, industrial vehicles, buses, trains, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ships and motorcycles.
  • DYS IR, it is the first manufacturer and leader in manufacturing and distributing steering, suspension and rubber-metal components for the car. Today, a +12,500-reference catalog is available for more than 3,500 cars, 4x4 and vans with a notable and special growth in references for Asian vehicles.
  • Enganches Aragón, since 1992, the company manufactures and trades towbars for all types of cars, all-terrains, and commercial vehicles. Spanish market leader thanks to its product quality and safety.
  • FMG, with a +45-year-history, is today a world leader in manufacturing automatic brake components. Its history of ongoing growth, with a constant investment in innovation linked to a highly qualified team of 2,250 people around the world, offers its clients products which are a reference in quality, range, service and technology in the automotive industry.
  • FAE, designs and manufactures electric and electronic car products. The company offers its clients a wide range of products with more than 1,400 OEM references. The support to innovation has consolidated its position in the field of multilayered ceramic application design, ceramic substrate development and microelectronics system implementations.
  • FARE Automotive, company mostly devoted to sale and distribute rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive parts. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, the brand holds a deep knowledge on every market’s specific, this gives a great advantage and directions for the future to now become one of the sector’s leading companies and obtain recognition from clients.
  • FERSA Bearings, Spanish multinational devoted to design, develop, manufacture and distribute full solutions for top-quality bearings for the automotive market, with +50 years of experience in the sector, since 2016 together FERSA joined Fersa Group together with the Austrian industrial bearing manufacturer NKE.
  • FRENKIT, Spanish company created in 2000, devoted to design, develop, manufacture and distribute brake caliper repair kits sold to more than 55 countries, its catalog offers a wide range of brake caliper repair kits, drums, and clutch hydraulic actuation items for cars and light vehicles.
  • ICER Brakes, founded in 1961, has consolidated in later years as the biggest European independent manufacturer of friction material and the best guaranteed alternative to the traditional sector’s dominating brands. Since the very beginning, ICER Brakes’ activity has been focused on offering the highest quality and service with an ongoing effort to improve and innovate its products.
  • Lizarte, car-part manufacturer since 1973, offers a wide range of assisted steering, assisted steering pumps, air-conditioning compressors, hydropneumatics suspension spheres, diesel injection system, EGR valves and ignition coil. Remanufacturing process specialists certified with the highest standards of quality (ISO 9001:2018 y TS 16949).
  • Proquisur, founded in 1985, started to manufacture engine maintenance products such as refrigerant and antifreeze. Thanks to the experience acquired through the years, its catalog has increased, so today, the company can offer top-quality products to cover the needs of several engines including from lubricants to combustion additives and aerosol-packed technical products.
  • RTS, the most competitive IAM manufacturer of suspension and steering products. A successful +35-years business that has allowed RTS to become the most important European manufacturer of steering and suspension parts with a product quality equivalent to original in all its aspects.
  • Sadeca Automotive, company created in 1983, is a specialist in designing, developing and producing wearing sensors and hardware for brake systems and some industrial electric wiring applications for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks for the OEM/OES and AM markets.
  • Talosa, a consolidated company since 1957, is the first manufacturer and leader in manufacturing and distributing rubber-metal, suspension and steering car components. Currently offers a catalog which goes over 12,500 references for more than 3,500 car, 4x4 and van models with a notable and a special growth in references for Asian vehicles. 

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