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October 2021 | Companies

Manufacturers of automotive electronic components: types and main keys

The electric and connected car market break-in in the last years is promoting the development of an automotive electronic component-centered industry. As time goes by, they get more and more indispensable inside the wide variety of systems which are built into any car. 

The automotive sector wants and should be in the front row of this digital revolution and be aware of state-of-the-art technologies available in the market. Concepts such as connected vehicle, electrification, or the autonomous driving are changing what mobility means today.  

Moreover, automatic electronic components are supported by a strong I+D investment as suppliers are conscious on how the manufacturing of these product is growing tirelessly.  

Types of automotive electronic components 

There is a number of automotive electronic components which are used in almost every part built in the vehicle. However, they are divided into three main categories: carbody electronics, engine management electronics and sensors. We will describe each as follows: 

Car body electronics: 

  • Timers (relays with electronic circuit)  

  • Electronic modules 

  • Air conditioning electronic monitoring system 

  • Fleet management and navigation systems 

  • ABS electronic units 

  • ECAS systems electronic units  


Engine management electronics:

  • Electronic starters 

  • Electronic units of spark plugs 



  • (NTC) Temperature sensors 

  • (piezoelectric) Knock sensor 

  • Engine revolution sensor for ABS system 

  • ABS wheel revolution sensor 

  • Sensor TDC (inductive)  

  • Air pressure sensor (inductive) 

  • Hydraulic pressure sensor for the brake system(piezoresistant) 

  • Exhaust gas pressure sensor 

  • Tyre speed sensor 

  • Oxygen sensor (Lambda probe) 


Manufacturers of automatic electronic components belonging to Autoparts From Spain 

Autoparts from Spain gathers a wide range of Spanish automotive electronic component manufacturers which are eager to create products which meet with the required standards and assure sustainability and environment care 

Now, we will show the main automotive electronic component producers belonging to the Autoparts From Spain: 


Airfren is a company specialized in pneumatic brake systems for truck, trailer and bus. It was created in 1983, since then, Airfren is devoted to manufacture and distribute spare parts for industrial vehicles in the aftermarket with a reliable, safe and guaranteed product that meets with the client needs. The company is also specialized in electronic sensors such as those in charge of measuring the vehicle’s temperature or the tire’s air pressure. 

Anglí Industrias 

From 1954, Anglí Industrias has been working in the electric and electronic component field for the automotive sector.  This company’s products are entirely manufactured, designed and tested at its facilities in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona). With an offer of a wide range of products including from distributor caps, distributor rotors, contact set, condensers, ignition coils, ignition cables or speed sensors to temperature sensors, contacts, reverse and stop light switch and hydraulic switch. 

Autofren Seinsa 

Autofren Seinsa is a leading Company in product manufacturing for brake, steering and suspension systems to supply the main original equipment, Tier 1/2 and after-sale manufacturers worldwide. They are also present in the automotive electronic components sector manufacturing tyre speed sensors.  


Fae designs and manufacturers car electronic and electric products. The company offers its clients a wide range of products including more than 4,500 references of quality equivalent to original. Always in for innovation, the company has consolidated its position in the field of multi-layered ceramic applications, development of ceramic substrates and implementation of micro electronics systems. 


Gjm is a company dedicated to manufacture electric wiring and injection of technical parts for the automotive sector. They provide technical service to its clients to enable them to solve issues and develop solutions according to their needs in the market. 


Metalcaucho has devoted its efforts, during more than 30 years, to work in the sector of spare parts and rubber-metal accessories for cars. It is a company that controls all the development process from designing the initial part model to performing the serial production. It performs an exhaustive quality control which automatically places them as a leading company in the sector. Metalcaucho also participates in the manufacture of automotive electronic components by producing diverse types of tyre sensors.  

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