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March 2024 |

Everything you need to know about the clutch: functioning and maintenance

The clutch is an essential component in vehicles equipped with manual transmission, since they play a crucial role in transferring power from the motor to the transmission. Its proper work assures a soft, efficient and safe driving and also contributes to car longevity and safety. 

In this article, we will explore in detail how the clutch works from its main principle until its application in daily driving. We will also offer valuable tips on its proper maintenance to enhance its lifespan and assure its performance.  We’ll also discuss its relevance in the car industry. But before moving on to the substance, you should get to know some of the brands belonging to Autoparts From Spain  and devoted to manufacture components for this system.

In this case, the company Fersa Bearings is a reference in clutch bearing manufacturing. These products ensure an efficient and lasting transmission and they are crucial for soft engagement and transference of power

The company FAE Francisco Albero is a specialist in production of switches and gadgets for vehicles. Among them, we can highlight the clutch pedal switch which ensures a proper clutch system function.

AutoFren Seinsa, a company specialized in manufacturing products for brake, suspension, steering and transmission systems for automotive parts and main brake caliper rebuilders, also offers a repair kit for the brake/clutch pump. This kit, essential to keep the clutch and braking systems in optimum shape, extends the lifespan of those components.


Clutch functioning

Regarding the function of the system, it can be explained easily because its simple yet effective mechanism. When a driver steps on the clutch pedal, they release pressure on the clutch disc. It has a crucial effect: separating the motor from the transmission which allows the motor to move freely without transmitting power to the wheels. This action is essential to perform soft gear changes without damaging the transmission system. On the other hand, by releasing the clutch pedal gradually, pressure is applied again on the clutch disc. This process, known as engagement, allows the motor to again transfer power to the transmission and subsequently to the wheels, therefore the car moves forward.


Tips for clutch maintenance

Your car’s clutch is a basic automotive part which assures the vehicle’s smooth and efficient function. However, because of its constant use, it is exposed to wearing and requires the proper care to prolong its lifespan and avoid costly repairs.
Now, we present some practical tips for an optimal maintenance of the car clutch:

1.    Perform soft gear changes

The way you drive may influence significantly on the clutch’s lifespan. Avoiding to unnecessarily step on the clutch pedal, not doing rough gear changes besides driving smoothly both reduces clutch wearing and contributes to a more pleasant and efficient driving experience.

2.    Avoid vehicle overload

An overloaded vehicle may apply additional pressure on the clutch which leads to premature wearing. It is advisable not to overload the car with heavy objects or excess of passengers especially when the vehicle is either starting up or stopping. 

3.    Review and change the clutch fluid

Clutch fluid is crucial to ensure a proper functioning of the system. Verify the clutch fluid’s level and quality regularly and then, if necessary, change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A contaminated or deteriorated clutch fluid may affect negatively the clutch performance and bring functioning problems.

4.    Follow indications to replace clutch kit

Clutch components such as the disc, the plate and thrust collar are subjected to wearing over time and use. It is important to be aware of wearing signs such as gear-changing difficulties, vibrations or clutch pedal squeaking. If you notice one of these symptoms, it is advisable to replace the clutch kit according to the manufacturer’s indications.

5.    Practicing a conscious driving

Finally, one of the best ways to keep the clutch in good working shape is performing a conscious and anticipated driving. Anticipating gear changes reduces the need to use the clutch unnecessarily. You also should avoid stepping on the clutch pedal while not in use since it can bring premature system wearing.

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