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March 2024 | Companies

Manufacturers of electronic components for automotion

Do you know that most of the automotive industry’s evolution is thanks to electronic component manufacturing? This companies play a crucial role in the design, development and production of electronic systems which make cars safer and more efficient. In this article, we will discuss the world of automotive manufacturers of electronic components and their impact in the modern mobility.


The challenge of electronics in automotion and the technological advances


Electronics has revolutioned the car industry from motor control systems to entertainment and safety. Today, these components’ manufacturers face challenges such as: 

  • Hostile environments: vehicles are exposed to extreme conditions such as vibrations, temperature changes, moisture and dust. That is why, electronic components should be robust and able to work reliably in this hostile environment.
  • Reliability and durability: car electronics should be lasting and resistant so failure in critical components doesn not bring serious consequences such as accidents or an irreversible damage.
  • Complex integration: electronic systems in cars are interconnected since components should communicate with each other and other systems such as the engine, the transmission and the safety systems. It is essential to have a seamless integration.
  • Regulations and safety: Manufacturers must comply with strict regulations related to safety, emissions, and efficiency, meaning components must be designed and tested to meet these standards.
  • Regulation and safety: manufacturers must follow strict regulations regarding safety, emissions and efficiency so components must be designed and tested with such norms in mind.

Undoubtably, call electronics has experienced notable advances in later years, even though it had to face several obstacles. This some of the progress:

  • Electrification: electric and hybrids vehicles have increased the demand for electronic components like batteries, inverters and chargers. This is why electrification is already revolutionizing mobility.
  • Smart sensors: advanced sensors like LIDAR, radars and cameras allow autonomous driving functions and improve safety with the detection of pedestrians and obstacles. 
  • Communication vehicle to vehicle (V2V): electronic components allow communication between vehicles which improves road safety with warnings on dangerous situations.
  • Infotainment and connectivity: connectivity, navigation and entertainment systems depend on advanced electronic components such as touchscreens, sound systems and Bluetooth connectivity.


Our supplier manufacturers of electronic components for automotion


In Spain, the industry of automotive equipment and components is world leader thanks to its innovation, technology, experience and quality. Concretely, the Spanish manufacturers belonging to Autoparts From Spain. Now, we are going to introduce you to some of the most relevant suppliers of electronic components and their products:

  • Anglí Industrias. This company specialized in electronic and electric components in the automotive sector offers products such as distributor caps, contact sets, distributor rotors, condensers, start-up valves and cables, revolution sensors and temperature sensors.
  • Airtex. This company, created in the early 1930s, offers products measure and control instruments like flumes, control cables and turbines.
  • Autofren Seinsa. This manufacturer with facilities in Spain and India has wheel speed sensors
  • Doga. Electronics applied to its motors has allowed this company from Catalonia to take its product to a higher level in which a precise movement control offers a unique and precise result which meets with the every client’s demands. 
  • FAE, Francisco Alberto. The company offers more than 4,500 references of quality products both electric and electronic. Its design and manufacturing are aligned with OEM. Its production includes items for motor management and sensors, thermic management, startup system, switches and gadgets such as oil and tire pressure switch, transmitters…
  • GJM. This manufacturer offers electric wiring for car components as well as temperature sensors (NTC)
  • Sadeca. The company of efficient braking solutions has wiring, spark plug wires, table wires and connectors. It also offers electric wiring for car components.
  • Tecnodiesel Murcia. The company offers items for electric installation as commuters, control units and solenoids.

A promising future for the electronic component suppliers


The future of automotive electronic components is very promising as we move towards a more sustainable, connected and autonomous mobility. Electronic components will play an even more crucial role in the car industry. Here are some trends and developments which signal a bright future:

  • Electrification. The transition towards EV is in a high point. Electronic components like high-performance batteries, energy management systems and electric motors are essential for the EV success. As the demand for EVs increases, it is expected a higher investment in research and development in this area.
  • Connected vehicles are essentials for safety and user experience. Electronic components allow communication between vehicles (V2V), communication between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) and connectivity with mobile devices. In the future we will see more progress in infotainment systems, wireless updates and data-based services.
  • Automation and autonomous driving. Sensors, radars, cameras and control units are vital for autonomous driving. As algorithms are getting perfected and safer  and systems are getting developed, electronic components will play a central role in the massive adoption of autonomous vehicles.
  • Energetic efficiency. Electronic components are also contributing to energetic efficiency, that is why there is an increasing search for cleaner and more efficient vehicles which will prompt innovation in this field.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting integrated into the vehicle’s control and diagnosis systems. From the early detection of failures to the improvement in the driving efficiency, AI has an important role in the future of electronic components.
  • While vehicles get more and more connected, cyber security is fundamental. Electronic components must be protected against cyber-attacks so it is expected a meaningful growth in cyber security solutions specialized in cars.

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