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June 2023 | Companies

Sustainable mobility, the main focus of R+D+I investment in the automotive suppliers industry

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation, Spanish automotive component suppliers are standing out for their commitment and leadership in this crucial area. Through innovative initiatives and cutting-edge technologies, the Spanish automotive components industry is one of the industrial sectors that invests the most in R&D&I - specifically 3.6% of its turnover - these companies are driving the industry towards a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future. 

In recent decades, this innovation has been aimed at responding to the challenges posed by sustainable mobility in relation to the continuous improvement of safety, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the improvement of air quality and the reduction of noise in cities.

Of the total global CO₂ emissions, the transport sector accounts for 26%. Automotive suppliers, as responsible for 75% of the value of the vehicle, have a very important role to play on the road to achieving the goal of "zero net emissions by 2050" established in the Paris Agreement. Autoparts from Spain, an initiative that represents the Spanish automotive supplier industry present all over the world, stresses that suppliers from Spain have been designing and manufacturing components, systems and technologies for years to make vehicles increasingly more efficient, safer and smarter; and they are doing so in a sustainable way: with people at the centre, with sustainable industrial processes, with engagement with their stakeholders, transparency and good governance.

Carolina López, Head of Communication and Sustainability at Sernauto and member of the Sustainability Working Group created by CLEPA, maintains that: "according to the Global Compact Spain, five out of 10 large companies already evaluate suppliers according to environmental criteria, more than 40% have contractual clauses for sustainability reasons, and 40% evaluate their potential suppliers according to human rights criteria". And, Carolina continues, "sustainability is a strategic issue for all companies and organisations, which is why SERNAUTO has been working on this issue for several years now, both individually and by sector".


Sustainable mobility, the main focus of investment in R&D&I in the automotive components industry


For decades, the automotive supplier sector has been investing in the development of technologies, systems and components that make vehicles increasingly safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable. One of the focuses of investment in R&D&I in the automotive components industry is sustainable mobility, aimed at mobility formulas that reduce pollution levels as an important aspect in the fight against climate change. 

Many companies are investing in the manufacture of these types of systems and components to make vehicles increasingly cleaner and more efficient. This is the case, for example, of Gestamp, a Spanish company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metallic devices for the automobile, which is leading the implementation of innovative solutions and the development of technologies to lighten the weight of vehicle components, which is crucial, as this leads to a reduction in consumption and, consequently, in CO2 emissions, regardless of the engine type. 

The global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors, Antolin, also aims to reduce waste and energy consumption during the manufacture of its products and to satisfy the demand for environmentally friendly vehicle interiors, "something that is increasingly valued by consumers in their purchasing decision", added the Spanish company. 

For their part, companies such as Icer Brakes, Doga and FAE are also developing technologically sustainable components, as they not only see changes in mobility as an opportunity, but also as a commitment that all sectors must assume. 

Proquisur, a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of engine maintenance products, such as lubricants, coolants and antifreeze for the automotive industry, also has a continuously advancing technology and a strong commitment to environmental protection, bringing to the market a whole range of products that help to preserve nature.

Another of the automotive component companies that works to preserve the environment in its daily development is Lizarte. This company, which provides top quality solutions for the aftermarket, is committed to the Circular Economy model. This model consists of promoting the recycling and reuse of components, as long as it is carried out through an industrial process (remanufacturing) that guarantees the quality, optimum functionality and safety of the products with all the guarantees for the consumer.

If you want to know more about how Spanish automotive components are facing the transition to a more sustainable mobility, you can follow the hashtag #AFSchallenges on social networks.

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