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November 2019 | Companies

What technological solutions do Spanish suppliers propose for the new mobility?

Hybrid and electric cars are already a reality, but as highlighted at the 5th Sernauto Meeting held a few weeks ago in Madrid, "in 2040, most cars will still be combustion engines." So, what will be the future of the automotive sector?

During the meeting, several participants emphasized that the automotive sector will undergo many changes as it faces significant environmental, energy, economic, and social challenges. However, they pointed out that innovations in internal combustion engines will be the ones to bring us closer to the CO2 emission targets set by the European Union.

As responsible for over 75% of the vehicle, component suppliers in Spain are already providing technological solutions for the new mobility, a mobility that will be more sustainable, safe, connected, and automated.


Technological differentiation is the key


In this situation, technological differentiation is key. Spanish suppliers of automotive components are very aware of this, hence their high investment in R&D&i and their strong involvement in the development of connected and electrified vehicles, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, safety, or lightweighting, among many other technological solutions.

Companies such as Gestamp, Grupo Antolin, or FAE, members of our platform Autoparts from Spain, have already begun to explore alternatives through components for hybrid and electric cars.

Grupo Antolin is one of the major players in the international car interiors market, conceiving innovation and research as key points of the business. Currently, the company is developing over 100 projects that will help reinforce its leadership in this sector. Moreover, Grupo Antolin is committed to the environment and the search for more ecological mobility, producing technologically sustainable products.

The company will supply components for the electric vehicle that Ford will produce in Mexico. Because of this, its expansion plan includes the establishment of a new production plant in Cuautitlán, Mexico. But not only that, the company will also supply components for Volkswagen's electric vehicles, and it will enter the Chinese hybrid and electric car market.

Gestamp, a company present in more than 20 countries, already produces lighter metal components, ideal for electric cars. This is because electric vehicles tend to be heavier than conventional cars, reducing their efficiency. Therefore, Gestamp has developed new technologies that reduce this gap and allow lower emissions.

FAE, a company specialized in designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic automotive components, is also working on the development of technological solutions for the new mobility. One of its contributions is flexible heating systems, compatible with over-injection and thermoforming processes, featuring a robust design against hot spots and breaks on the surface, in addition to being splash-resistant. The working temperatures of these systems range between 45 and 65ºC according to demand, with a consumption of 700 W/m2 when working at 65ºC.

Products and processes at the service of a more efficient and sustainable mobility. This is precisely the leitmotiv of the automotive suppliers present in Spain and in the Autoparts from Spain platform, a symbol of innovation and technology.

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